Gema-free music options
for audibly more success

Customized AUDIOLUTION sound packages with matching sound technology and software for single or multi-branch solutions: We create  sounds adapted to your industry and your budget. The music comes from renowned composers and is GEMA-free. We offer you an extensive selection of quality titles from different genres such as lounge, chill-out, pop, classical, easy listening, bar piano, club house or wellness - all while saving you money year after year.

Why Audiolution is for you


Gema Free

You are saving on monthly GEMA fees and benefit from excellent quality. We offer you high-quality, catchy songs by renowned composers from a wide range of genres - suitable for every demand. Thanks to regular updates, you are guaranteed not to get bored.


Stay Longer

Many studies prove it: Music has a direct impact on consumer buying behavior. The right sound can extend dwell time by up to 40 percent. Volume, tempo, genre, even the language of the vocals positively influence customers if you trust our expertise.



Now it's no longer the local radio station or the musical tastes of your employees that determine the music in your store - it's you. Our experts match the music to your corporate identity with your own advertising spots, jingles, and sound logos.

Our Audio samples
sound convincing

Our music experts have years of experience and know which music best suits your requirements and your company. Take a listen - to our sound samples, tailored to different industries. This will give you a first feeling for our competence and the quality of the music. We are also available for a free initial consultation.


  • Single-channel solutions with AUDIOLUTION ONE
    AUDIOLUTION ONE generates your music is automatically, adapting to locations and opening hours. On request, we produce sound logos and advertising spots that you can play in a very targeted manner.
  • Multi-channel solutions with AUDIOLUTION CHANNEL
    With AUDIOLUTION CHANNEL, you can conveniently select up to four different music genres at the touch of a button, depending on your mood and clientele.
  • Multi-zone solutions with AUDIOLUTION MULTI
    AUDIOLUTION MULTI is the optimal multi-zone music management system. Whether restaurant, hotel, bar, wellness center or fitness studio, provide parallel sound to several areas with different genres of music.

How it works


As different as the industries are, as different are the requirements for the perfect sound. ACCENTA will advise you which of our AUDIOLUTION music systems is the optimal solution for you.


Save money every month: Your diverse music program consists of 100% GEMA-free music, is compiled by experienced music editors and updated regularly.


Your music and individual commercials are stored on your receiver via network connection and played back offline at any time.


The installation is done via Plug & Play, the music is regenerated regularly - leaving you and your employees with no further effort.

We create
Soundlogos & jingles

Thanks to our professional speakers and sound studios, we produce sound logos and commercials that can be played into your AUDILUTION music system at specific times of the day - whether at individual locations or in groups of branches throughout Germany.

  • Unmistakability: Extension of the corporate identity by the corporate sound (sound of the company)
  • Memorability: Audible stimuli are particularly successful in conveying emotions as well as information.
  • Brand efficiency: Influence attitudes to a brand, willingness to buy and purchasing behavior by sound.

Sound Systems
Our Partners

    The audio pro business speakers can be easily integrated into your existing light rail system or alternatively installed with a wall/ceiling mount. Enjoy wireless freedom, create the perfect sound experience for your customers and control different volume ranges with the audio pro volume control, e.g. at the checkout or entrance. You want to set up new store areas? Your flexible audio pro business sound system with its own wireless network can be expanded at any time.
    Through our partner AUDAC, you have an impressive product selection of loudspeakers, amplifiers and control electronics for wired installations. Indoor and outdoor solutions - everything is possible. At the same time, the audio solutions consistently rely on state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

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